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Hi, I’m Valencia Rhymer, please call me Vicky. As CEO of Vickell Notary,  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  As a young girl in school.  I was the “go to” for candy.  My uncles and other construction workers in town would pay me to get their lunch or run small errands for them.  I’d take that money, buy candy and sell it to the kids at school.  

I liked being useful to others,either by providing a product or service and I enjoyed being mobile. I got to explore and go to different places while making money.  I went to college and started working in Corporate America but I always had a product or service to offer to make extra money and tap into my creative side.  Fast forward to now, 

I am living my dream of being my own boss, honoring my creative side, providing services, being mobile and having fun along the way.  My experience in Corporate America has prepared me to be professional, punctual, accurate, pay attention to detail, trustworthy, diligent, hard working, think outside the box and ethical. My dream is for Vickell Notary to become the go-to company for notary+ services as well as create jobs for others.  

Hi, I’m Kelley Edwards. As the COO of Vickell Notary, I have NOT always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  I worked in Corporate America before, during and after college.  My goal, just like my parents, was to get my degree and work in my field until retirement.  That plan changed when an illness hit me that had me sidelined for months at a time. 

This experience taught me first hand how important flexibility in my day is as well as being able to work in an environment where I could also take care of myself instead of just working and sleeping like I was doing before. This is where my entrepreneurial spirit was born.  I crave a balanced life, in order to have that, I became a business owner. Sure, there's lots of work involved but I don't have to calculate my sick time in order to take care of myself. 

Working in Corporate America for so many years as well as working as a 911 Dispatcher has prepared me to be accurate, detail oriented, professional, outside the box thinker, ethical, a good listener, punctual, hard working, a team player, excellent multitasker and great communication skills. 

My dream for Vickell Notary is to be recognized as the community's and beyond’s go-to for all things Notary+ since we offer more than just notarial acts.  I also dream that Vickell Notary marries thousands of couples. Both of which will enable us to create jobs for members of our community as well.